Doctor from Dallas gave us great reviews last week! As well as a lady and her son from California. . .  Family of 4 last week and a family of five tonight!

Close to the Koi Waterfall you will fall asleep to a real waterfall!  

In the morning come in for a gourmet breakfast.  You will leave so refreshed!



Families love to gather here or guests come here to mingle with people from all over the world!  This is where you come to breakfast each morning!


Great Spirits dwell in this room.   It will leave you totally rested, refreshed and rejuvenated!


This is the first room to fill up. . . To me it shows how much we all have to be grateful for!  Great view of the Mission Mountains.


Great for the family with 2 or 3 kids.  Open yet the half wall insures privacy. Each half has its own TV!   Private bathroom.


1000 Sq Ft all for your enjoyment.  Separate bedroom has its own bathroom and sauna electric fireplace, exercise equipment. . . lovely appointed.

Gaynor Ranch B&B

Gaynor Ranch Bed And Breakfast

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Weddings, Business Retreats, Tour Groups, Family Reunions, Artist Retreats, Spiritual Retreats, Yoga Retreats, Bus Groups and events of every kind and type:

Here's what we know!. . . we know we have a special brand of hospitality and have a true knack of making people feel welcome and comfortable.  We know we have hosted people and groups from all over the world and they send us great reviews and come back year after year.  We also know that we have found a special new place on this planet Earth.  People that have come for a peek have agreed with us. . .  We cannot wait to share it with the world.  As we finish the final stages of construction  and we start visualizing what it will be like in the future we are filled with excitement and gratitude.  We can't wait for your visit! 

This I know also.  Don cooks an amazing steak.  I knew this when I was dating him and kept asking him to make me another steak.  This includes people like Phil Ackerman from NYC who messaged me that he was craving one of Don's steaks.  He told me that he has been to great steak houses like Lugers and others and NONE have compared with Don's.  Don always chuckles over this news.  I have witnessed him cooking 150 steaks and everyone was happy with how he cooked theirs.  I know the secret ingredient is LOVE!   I too have perfected a few great dishes with the help of my children.  I always have to beg people to take a baked sweet potato or yam. . . they always come back to thank me and ask how I do it!

Now, I am not going to be a name dropper but groups such as Edward Jones, Jabill, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Senator Jon Tester and so many others have come to our ranch with their greatest friends or contributors and had one of our "Cowboy Dinners".  People come up and tell me it is the best meal they have ever had and some say the best in the world!  Don and I both are adamant about keeping a part of the old west alive.  We blend a great bunch of Indians and Cowboys  in our crew.

SO dear friends.  If you want an amazing experience, come bring your friends, your neighbors, your team or your event and you can be guaranteed that they will leave with great memories and happiness!

Our event center iscompleted.  It will seat 100 inside for dinner.  We got tired of being subject to the weather.  We also have a tent that will seat 60-80.  Bring your buses!  We will be ready!  We have a beautiful place under the trees for a wedding, smores or an outside movie.  We can't wait to get landscaping!  Even in its natural beauty you will be blown away.

Call for Menus and prices!  406-270-7802  Nancy Gaynor​

If our type of hospitality fits your needs, then we so look forward to hosting your great memory!our paragraph here.


We call it the Elder room because of the art work and the fact that it is wheel chair accessible. . .  Private bath with grab bars